Benefits of Nlearn (LMS) :

Nlearn - LMS optimizes instructional delivery and administration, empowering more productivity and self-improvement. It empowers employees to learn better and faster as many academic processes become more efficient.

Effective Nlearn - LMS usage leads to better training quality, discipline and economy. Some of the Nlearn Benefits are listed below:

  • Optimal delivery of Competency Based training with Performance Management
  • Versatile tracking and management of both face-to-face and online training
  • Standardization of content to be delivered across the organization.
  • Ease of assessment / content updation enables quicker program delivery and results
  • Ease of training employees in diverse and remote locations in the organization.
    Optimal Knowledge Management
  • Saving in travel, board and lodging cost
  • Saving in cost of facilities like auditoriums, training rooms etc
  • Manpower cost reduction in terms of less training resources required
  • Continuous availability to employees of lectures, instructional content and other study material
  • Reusability and rapid updating of lectures, study material, assessment etc.
  • Streamlined management of courses, assignments and projects
  • Streamlined management of assessment, grading, exams
  • Efficient, trackable communication and collaboration